Google Calendar and Contacts on your Desktop

Google Calendar and Contacts are a great way to manage your events and address book. But since they are web based you have to always be online and your browser has to always be launched. Azotix Active Organizer lets you manage your Google Calendar and Google Contacts directly from your Desktop without logging into your Google or Gmail account.
Using Active Organizer helps you have calendar and contacts that are always at your fingertips even when you are offline.

You do not need to launch your browser every time you want to check your calendar. Fast, two-click window opening for creating an event or contact...

Active Organizer automatically notifies you about your contacts’ birthdays...

The flexible reminder system works even when your browser is not launched or you don’t have an Internet connection. Now, you can snooze Google notifications...

Full-fledged offline functioning. You can create and edit events and contacts even when you don’t have an Internet connection...

Automatic, two way synchronization of all data with Google Apps - your Google Calendar and Google Contacts list...

Instant access to your Contact Groups whenever you need them. Easy group membership management.


“Azotix Active Organizer is the first complete windows desktop application of it’s kind we have come across, that can create, edit, and remove events from Google Calendar.”

“I REALLY like everything about it because it's simple and easy to use.”

Pamela Tufts


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